5 Differences Between Marital Therapy and Christian Marital Therapy

5 Differences Between Marital Therapy and Christian Marital Therapy

close-up-of-person-wearing-cross-necklace-with-bible-in-armsIf you’re a believer in Christ, it’s important to know some key differences between secular marital therapy and Christian marital therapy. 

While there isn’t anything wrong with going to a non-Christian therapist, understanding the differences can help you feel more comfortable and make a conscious decision that fits your needs. 

It’s no secret that secular approaches to counseling are going to be different from Bible-based principles. But, what are those differences? What should you expect from each type of therapy?

1. Biblical Principles

This is, perhaps, the biggest difference you’ll notice between a Christian and secular therapist. 

Christian marital therapy will focus on using Biblical principles as the very core of each session. You shouldn’t be surprised if you read scripture during your sessions, and have discussions about how the actions in your relationship are following those scriptures and principles. It can be used as a “starting point” for understanding why your relationship might feel “off”.

2. A Christ-Centered Relationship

The main goal of most marital therapy is to rebuild relationships and teach couples how to communicate effectively. That’s also the goal of Christian marital therapy, but from a slightly different standpoint. 

Christian marital therapy strives to take the selfishness out of your relationship. When you’re having trouble with your partner, it’s easy to focus on your own needs. Christian marital therapy will, instead, encourage you to focus on your partner’s needs and your own character, so you can build a Christ-centered relationship.

3. The Issue of Sin

Christ-followers understand that the moment sin entered the world, mankind would never be good enough to enter the Kingdom of heaven. That’s the entire point of Jesus’ resurrection—the forgiveness of our sins. 

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean sin was/is wiped away from our lives. A Christian approach to marital therapy will touch on the sin that is permeating your relationship, and use scripture and Biblical principles to help you work through it.

4. The View of Marriage

The worldview of marriage and the Christian view of marriage are often very different. 

Christian marital therapy will always view the bond of marriage as something ordained by God. Therefore, it is sacred. Secular therapists might not view it that way and might make suggestions for your relationship that go against God’s covenant. 

If you view your marriage as something sacred, a Christian marital therapist will take that same approach. It will be easier to have a strong foundation to start from because everyone in the room will know how important the relationship is, and will be willing to do whatever it takes to help it heal.

5. The Presence of the Holy Spirit

One thing marital therapy and Christian marital therapy have in common is that they both require a willingness to change. 

In Christian therapy, however, that willingness to change is only the beginning. The focus will be on the presence of the Holy Spirit in the therapist, in you, and your partner. Believing that the Holy Spirit will guide your therapist with the right words and directions is one piece of the puzzle. The other is the firm belief that the Spirit will move in you and your partner to reconnect you in your relationship. 

Choosing the right marital therapist is important. As a Christian, choosing someone who shares the same beliefs and will put those beliefs at the center of your sessions can better suit your needs. 

The bottom line? You should never have to compromise your beliefs in an effort to save your relationship. 

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