When we started therapy, we were not feeling safe in the relationship and had a difficult time connecting and having conversations. Travis not only helped us dig deep and connect to each other, but also helped us connect more deeply to God. We left feeling more united and connected and our relationship feels safer. We are now more able to navigate our moments of disconnection. We feel incredibly thankful for Travis, his approach, and his expertise.


D.P. and J.P.

Travis was a champion of our marriage even when we were not.  We came in a time of crisis, but it was not too much for him, and we left united.  He not only listened to us, he helped us listen to each other.  His calm demeanor and willingness to yield to the Spirit’s leading created a space for us to reconnect.  We are truly grateful for our time with Travis and the marriage intensive.

M.S. and J.S.

Life Changing!


It was amazing to me how deep we could go in two days! A lot of joy and a lot of tears, it truly was one of the most impactful days of our life together.


I was ready for divorce. I had an idea in my mind what life would look like without my husband, what the pain and embarrassment would feel like, passing my son back and forth, losing my step-children and struggling through legal battles. I was set on this way; I was getting divorced and starting over. Little did I know what God had in store for me. We had tried many counselors, therapists, couples bible studies, and help from close friends, pastors and loved ones. We were doing it all wrong. My husband found Travis at Crossroads Counseling while we were separated. It took me a few individual conversations with Travis before I made the decision to say yes to intensive marriage counseling. Committing to this work changed our marriage in a way nothing else could in over 10 years together. We learned to turn in to each other when things get hard instead of turning away, blaming and defending ourselves. Within months, through tears, commitment and hard work, our relationship had grown and changed into something completely new and sustainable, and we found ourselves thriving. We now work through difficulties in a completely new way, a way that actually works and we actually grow from our struggles.  Intensive marriage counseling saved our family and I am forever grateful for finding Travis.


Hold me tight,

Teach me right,

Help me understand,

Why we fight.

My overly simplistic poetic overview of a weekend with that empowered and equipped my wife and I to unravel our particular “crazy dance.”  When I’m anxious, I emotionally pursue her aggressively, (“I need, I need”); she withdraws, I pursue harder and she shuts down. The Connected Marriage Intensive helped us normalize and explain our crazy dance, and then equipped us with understanding and tools to connect with each other on a deep, soul level.
P.S. and D.S.
My wife and I have been to several marriage conferences. This one is different. Different enough that a man is writing about marriage. Travis and his staff not only teach you the principals about marriage. They help you implement the tools and practices you can take home and continue to make use of. Travis helps you become aware of what you bring to the relationship, based on where you and your family of origin, as well as how it affects your ability to relate to your partner. We gained great understanding about ourselves and what it means to be in relationship with ourselves as well as with others. Instead of judgement, there is understanding. Opportunities for growth, change, awareness, vulnerability, bravery, comfort, challenge and peace are offered in a setting based on encouragement and grace. Finding out that we are not alone and other couples experience what we do, is a relief and blessing. This is the best investment I can make. To quote my wife, “How much is too much for the love of your life?”
R.C. & T.C.