Christian Marriage Intensives Designed To Improve Your Relationship

Are You at A Crossroads in Your Marriage?

Do you fear that your marriage is in crisis but have not been able to find meaningful solutions through traditional counseling?

And are you looking for a therapist who understands the role that God and faith play in your marriage?

You may have found that there is frequent conflict and tension between you and your spouse.

Issues of finances, parenting, or other stressors tend to intensify your disagreements, and the strain in your marriage has created a lack of connection and intimacy. 

Perhaps you’re questioning your choices. Grounded in the Christian faith, you understand the value of marriage but feel disillusioned in your partnership. This may have caused you to doubt yourself, your spouse, and your faith. And now you struggle with feelings of fear and aimlessness, wondering what’s next for your marriage.


There Are Many Reasons To Seek Marriage Counseling

Committed to your union, the two of you have likely sought help and tried to work through solutions together but have not made the improvement you want to see in your relationship. 

Perhaps you both are working through a recent crisis or conflict, forcing you to confront some big questions about the relationship. You may be at the point where you’re considering leaving the marriage and feel that you’re in desperate need of therapeutic intervention and mediation. 

It’s possible that you’ve attended couples therapy in the past but feel limited by the short, sporadic sessions, preventing you from getting the time needed to process and resolve conflicts. If there were an opportunity for more intensive, faster marriage counseling, you would have more time to devote to your family, friends, and faith. 

Or maybe your marriage feels strong and steady right now. But you know that in the future, you’re sure to encounter some bumps in the road, as all relationships do. You might be looking for a “retreat” of sorts so that you can bolster the strengths in your relationship and find ways to fully incorporate your Christian faith into your marriage.  

No matter when it happens, if your marriage is in a vulnerable position, it’s important that you’re supported by someone who you can trust, who shares your values, and who is invested in your healing. The Connected Marriage intensive at Crossroads Counseling offers you the time and space to gain clarity on your partnership. 

Relationship Obstacles Can Make Us Doubt Ourselves And Our Faith

Though we invest in our partnerships and value the sanctity of marriage, the truth is that all relationships encounter hurdles. Conflict and disagreement are a normal, healthy part of marriage. But when problems can’t be solved effectively, or harmful patterns are created, it may be time to seek the help of a professional. 

Many of us in the Christian faith turn to our pastors and other members of our community for marriage advice, but they lack the training and expertise of a professional counselor. Furthermore, there is often the misconception that if we go to therapy or raise questions about our relationship, we are somehow not good Christian spouses. 

Yet, the book of Proverbs tells us to “seek wise counsel,” meaning that it aligns with our faith—and even strengthens our relationship with God—to gain knowledgeable insight from those who can offer guidance. After all, Jesus sought help for plenty of things, ultimately reinforcing a sense of shared compassion and community. 

Considering a marriage intensive does not mean your marriage is doomed. In fact, it’s just the opposite—going to counseling signals that you are invested in the health of your marriage, your faith, and yourself. 

The marriage intensive program at Crossroads Counseling is a great way to build on the strengths of your marriage, solidify your bond, and work with a Christian counselor who understands your values and needs.

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A Marriage Intensive Is A Chance To Fully Devote To Your Relationship Without Distraction

Whereas a traditional talk therapy method only gives you an hour one or two times a week to explore your marriage, an intensive gives you an opportunity to assess relationship issues, identify meaningful solutions, and start to apply them—all in a weekend’s time. A marriage intensive accomplishes in a period of two to three days what might take six months to a year to accomplish in traditional therapy. 

The Connected Marriage intensive program at Crossroads Counseling begins with a pre-consultation that determines presenting problems and if you’re a couple who could benefit from one of our programs, including our group option. As we learn more about you, we’ll use this opportunity to build a sense of trust, safety, and rapport. 

Moving forward, your clinician will send you paperwork to provide relevant information on your history, family, and perspective on the marriage so that your counselor has the insight they need. This paperwork, combined with the consultation, serves as a first session so that when you arrive to your marriage intensive, we can hit the ground running. 

From there, you and your spouse will attend four 75-minute sessions (with breaks in between) over two or three days, depending on which intensive you attend. For those two or three days, your counselor will guide you in exploring and navigating your central marriage problems and strengthening your bond. In addition, we offer a group counseling format wherein couples can work with others who share similar Christian values to problem-solve together and build community.

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A Therapy Model That Approaches Evidence-Based Marriage Counseling Through A Christian Lens

Our approach to marriage intensives incorporates evidence-based methods like Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help couples identify emotions and meaningfully respond to one another’s needs. 

In addition, faith plays an essential role in The Connected Marriage intensive process at Crossroads Counseling. Much of our program centers on the attachment/relationship theories of Sue Johnson, who wrote Created for Connection. Using these fundamentals and other faith-based approaches, our clinicians can help you to see how Christian values interplay with connection, intimacy, and mutual trust. 

The Connected Marriage offers you an opportunity not only to better understand your spouse but to reinforce your connection with God and with yourself. Your marriage will be able to stand on firmer ground as you and your spouse learn to slow down, step outside of negative cycles, and create healthier interactions. 

An intensive gives you a chance to see that there is hope for your marriage if you are committed to being vulnerable and fostering intimacy.

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Maybe You’re Considering A Marriage Intensive, But You Have Questions…

Your relationship deserves clarity and healing. If your marriage has been adversely impacted by ongoing conflict, crisis, or if you’re looking to enhance the strengths in your partnership, an intensive can help you go far, quickly.

In The Connected Marriage intensive, you can accomplish in a matter of days what you might spend months or years—all the while saving money and energy to do the things that matter to you.
If finances are a concern, we offer financing through CareCredit where you can have up to 6 months interest free to pay for your intensive.

If you are considering intensive counseling, it does not mean your marriage is doomed. Seeking wise counsel from a professional means that you’ve taken your vows seriously and that you’re invested in your marriage. 

Healthy people reach out when they struggle, taking opportunities to embrace their relationships and a need for connection, security, and safety. Seeking therapy does not indicate weakness but instead serves as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with each other and your faith.

Going to therapy will allow you to clarify your values and enhance both your partnership and spiritual connection. Working with a counselor who shares your values, you can feel confident and secure in the marriage intensive process. 

And though we encourage you to seek the support of your pastor in times of distress, it’s important to remember that church leaders are not professionally trained clinicians. The marriage counselors at Crossroads incorporate Christian perspectives with evidence-based methods to ensure that you and your partner gain the skills and awareness you need to manage conflict while developing mutual understanding and respect.

You Can Learn To Chart A Path Forward, Together

If your marriage is struggling through conflict, disconnection, or if you’re looking to bolster relationship strengths, The Connected Marriage intensive at Crossroads Family Counseling is an opportunity for you to reconnect and restore your commitment.  

For more information or to schedule a pre-intensive consultation with one of our marriage counselors, call (623) 680 – 3846.   Finally, if you would like to learn more about Crossroads Counseling and the many other services we offer please visit our website by clicking here.  


2 Day
  • 1 hour pre-intensive phone/video consultation.
  • 10 hours counseling one on one.
  • 1 hour post-intensive phone/video consultation.
  • Coordination of care with your therapist.
  • Ideal for couples experiencing mild distress.
3 Day
  • 1 hour pre-intensive phone/video consultation.
  • 15 hours counseling one on one.
  • 1 hour post-intensive phone/video consultation.
  • Coordination of care with your therapist.
  • Ideal for couples experiencing moderate distress.
4 Day
  • 1 hour pre-intensive consultation.
  • 20 hours counseling one on one.
  • 1 hour post-intensive consultation.
  • Coordination of care with your therapist.
  • Ideal for couples experiencing severe distress.
Group Experience
$9002.5 days
  • 20 minute pre-intensive phone/video consultation.
  • 3-7 couples in a group dynamic.
  • Coordination of care with your therapist.
  • Ideal for couples experiencing mild to moderate distress.

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