Travis and Kari Frye will help you to build a strong foundation for your marriage. In addition to loving one another you will need to know how to deal with practical issues such as finances and child rearing. You will also need to know each other’s vulnerabilities, insecurities, needs, wants, and desires. Premarital counselor Travis Frye and his wife Kari Frye will help learn what it will take to build a happy and satisfying marriage.

The Connected Life with hosts Travis and Kari Frye is all about helping you to live a more connected life. We want you to be more connected to God, self, spouse, family, community, and to the world at large. It is our belief that more connected you are, the holier and healthier you will be!

Join hosts Travis and Kari Frye as we explore all facets of what it means to live the Connected Life.

Build A Strong Marriage Part 1

Build A Strong Marriage Part 2