How To Rebuild Trust in a Christian Marriage

Every marriage should be based on trust, commitment, and loyalty. A Christian marriage is no different, except it puts God at the center of everything. That’s why the marriage works, and why you and your spouse can continue to have faith in your relationship, even when you’re experiencing difficult circumstances.

However, no Christian is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

Trust in a marriage can be broken for a variety of reasons. Maybe your spouse was unfaithful. Maybe you kept financial issues from them. Whatever the case, if you’re committed to your marriage, you can both work on rebuilding it.

From a Christ-centered perspective, let’s look at a few things that will help you rebuild trust in your marriage. When you’re both committed to making things work, you might find that the work you put in now will make your connection stronger than ever.

Be Completely Honest

Ideally, you’re always honest with your spouse.

However, if one (or both) of you has broken trust, it’s obvious someone wasn’t truthful. One of the best things you can do immediately is to make a commitment to be completely open and honest with your spouse, and ask them to do the same.

It’s not always easy to be completely honest, because it requires vulnerability. However, even little “white lies” can grow and cause damage within your marriage. If you’re going to rebuild trust, you need to be transparent with each other.

Talk About What You Need

No matter what happened in your marriage to break trust, it’s important to be open with your spouse about your needs.

When trust is broken, it’s typically because someone’s needs aren’t being met. Again, this requires some vulnerability and a willingness to be open. However, you should never feel ashamed about the things you need to move forward. You might find that talking about it can improve your relationship and boost the intimacy in your relationship.

Re-Center Your Faith

At the end of the day, a Christ-centered marriage that feels broken needs to get back to its roots. When you re-center your faith and realign your marriage with what God says is right and good, you’ll find healing, peace, and strength.

Consider going to a Bible study together, or even reading the scriptures together every night. Work with a church pastor or counselor to move past the issues you’re facing in a Christ-centered way. When you remember who’s in control, it will be much easier to start rebuilding and repairing your relationship.

Renew Your Relationship

No matter what caused the trust in your marriage to crack, it’s never a bad idea to think back to what made you fall in love with your spouse, in the first place. Consider dating each other again. Schedule time for each other each week and do something different.

There’s a big difference between the butterflies you get while dating someone and the love and commitment of a long-term marriage. However, going on dates and reminding yourself why you married this person can help to provide the motivation you need to restore and rebuild your relationship.

Consider a Christian Marriage Intensive

If you’re not able to talk to your pastor or you want some extra help, consider working with a counselor or therapist who shares your beliefs.

Sometimes, it can help to have an outside perspective on situations that have harmed your marriage. The right therapist will have both the experience, skills, and spiritual knowledge to help you and your spouse reconnect while honoring God and keeping Him as the main focus of your relationship.

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