The “D” word!  What is it?  Divorce.  It has been estimated that nearly 1 out of 2 marriages will end in divorce.  Is this true?  Travis and Kari Frye take a deeper look at the statistics of divorce both in the general population and in the faith community.  What you will learn may surprise you.

The reality is that all couples are susceptible to divorce.  Divorce is devastating for most people who experience it.  The ripple effects of divorce will often go beyond the two people involved.  Children, extended family, and friends are also impacted.  The goal is to do what successful couples do in order to have a lasting and fulfilling marriage.  The question is, “How can you divorce proof your marriage?”

Marriage counselor Travis Frye and his wife Kari Frye, who brings a biblical and theological point of view to the discussion, talk about what is needed to divorce proof your marriage.  You will learn some valuable tips that will help you to protect your marriage.  They will share the importance of fighting for connection and the importance of committing to one another even in the hard times.

The Connected Life with hosts Travis and Kari Frye is all about helping you to live a more connected life. We want you to be more connected to God, self, spouse, family, community, and to the world at large. It is our belief that more connected you are, the holier and healthier you will be!

Join hosts Travis and Kari Frye as we explore all facets of what it means to live the Connected Life.

Please Note: Travis and Kari fully recognize that there are marriages that end in divorce.  There are times when divorce is warranted, the only option, and the best option.  This is true even for Christian couples. Travis and Kari Frye want their listeners to know that if they have been divorced you are loved and accepted!   There is grace!  They also want you to know that if you are currently in a situation where you are contemplating divorce talking to a trusted and professional therapist can help.

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